About Us

Welcome to MODAPKPR.com, where you can discover a world of modified Android apps and games that push the boundaries of your mobile experience. We offer free, easy-to-use mods that unlock premium features, boost your gameplay, and let you personalize your favorite apps just the way you like it. Our team is fueled by a passion for Android, gaming, and the limitless possibilities of the modding community.


Our Story

MODAPKPR.com was born from a desire to break free from the restrictions of the standard app stores. We believe that everyone should have the power to customize their Android devices to their heart’s content. Our journey began with a group of like-minded enthusiasts, and we’ve now built a dedicated team committed to delivering the best possible modding experience.

Our Mission and Vision

  • Mission: MODAPKPR.com empowers Android users to customize their mobile experiences through accessible and exciting app and game modifications.
  • Vision: MODAPKPR.com strives to be the leading destination for safe, innovative, and community-driven Android mods.

Our Commitment to You

Quality: We meticulously test our mods to ensure they function as intended and enhance your experience.
Security: While there are always risks with modded apps, we take steps to promote user safety within the context of our offerings.
Community: We’re building a vibrant space for mod lovers to connect, share tips, and get support.

Why Choose MODAPKPR.com?

  • Easy-to-navigate website
  • Wide selection of popular mods
  • Clear instructions and user-friendly tutorials
  • Supportive and active community of fellow modders

Ready to transform your Android experience? Explore our mods, join our community on Facebook, or contact us if you have any questions.

Meet our Team

Aisha Khan - Community Manager avatar
Aisha Khan - Community Manager
Aisha Khan is the enthusiastic voice of MODAPKPR.com, fostering a vibrant community of mod enthusiasts. Her passion for gaming, mobile tech, and connecting with people shines through in her interactions. Aisha's background in social media management and customer support allows her to build relationships, address user feedback, and create a welcoming space for the community.
Ajay Singh - Chief Technology Officer avatar
Ajay Singh - Chief Technology Officer
Ajay Singh is a seasoned programmer and tech visionary leading the development team at MODAPKPR.com. With a deep passion for Android architecture and a knack for game development, he has over a decade of experience in pushing the boundaries of mobile experiences. Ajay's expertise lies in optimizing app performance, reverse engineering, and creating seamless user interfaces.
Meera Iyer - Content Editor avatar
Meera Iyer - Content Editor
Meera Iyer is the mastermind behind MODAPKPR.com, ensuring that all content is clear, engaging and informative. With a passion for languages and an eye for detail, she has a knack for creating engaging descriptions and instructions to guide users with ease. Meera's background in technical writing and content editing allows her to convert complex editing instructions into content that is easy to understand for users of all levels.
Neha Joshi - Security Analyst avatar
Neha Joshi - Security Analyst
Neha Joshi is dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of the MODAPKPR.com platform. Her sharp analytical mind and knowledge of cybersecurity best practices make her a formidable defender against potential threats. Neha has a background in network security, vulnerability analysis, and ethical hacking, allowing her to stay ahead in the ever-evolving security landscape.
Priya Patel - Senior Android Developer avatar
Priya Patel - Senior Android Developer
Priya Patel is a creative force in the world of Android development at MODAPKPR.com. Her fascination with mobile app design and user interaction drives her to create intuitive modifications and enhancements. Priya boasts extensive experience in Java, Kotlin, and the Android SDK, allowing her to unlock the hidden potential within apps and games.
Rahul Sharma - Game Modding Specialist avatar
Rahul Sharma - Game Modding Specialist
Rahul Sharma is MODAPKPR.com's resident expert in the art of game modding. Driven by a love for gaming and a curiosity for tinkering with code, he has spent years unraveling game mechanics and coding creative alterations. Rahul's deep understanding of game engines and programming languages empowers him to bring new experiences to players.
Rohan Singh - Founder & Lead Developer avatar
Rohan Singh - Founder & Lead Developer
Rohan Singh has been tinkering with code since he was a teenager growing up in Mumbai. With a knack for reverse engineering and a deep love for gaming, he started modding as a way to push his favorite mobile titles beyond their intended limits. This fascination with customization, along with his programming expertise and entrepreneurial spirit, led him to create MODAPKPR.com. Rohan's passion is finding creative ways to unlock the full potential of Android devices, and building a platform where fellow enthusiasts can do the same.
Vikram Kapoor - UI/UX Designer avatar
Vikram Kapoor - UI/UX Designer
Vikram Kapoor elevates the user experience at MODAPKPR.com through his passion for design and understanding of mobile app usability. With a keen eye for detail and a focus on intuitive interactions, he transforms complex modifications into accessible experiences for all users. Vikram's expertise in UI/UX principles and visual design tools makes him a valuable asset to the team.