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Did you ever see your grumpy neighbor’s house across the street with its neatly kept lawn, and his or her watchful eyes that seem to be everywhere always asking you if there were any secrets behind this? Angry Neighbor is a game that allows you to reveal your inner prankster.

Let us take a look at the game in general

You will have to act as a funny determined master of pranks. In the Angry Neighbor, you should penetrate into the dwelling of your irritated neighbor who is not inclined to communicate much, make funny traps for him/her and find out what he/she hides – all without being caught by anyone.

Do you have some evil intentions? Do you want to win over an ill- humored neighbor? Then let us jump into Angry Neighbor’s hilarious world!

Angry Neighbor Apk free download

Why do I play Angry Neighbor?

Unique Selling Points

Angry Neighbor is different from stealth and puzzle games because it focuses on nothing but pranking somebody. It is not only about sneaking without detection; it gives way for a player to use their sense of humor in creating traps that would be the most hilarious ones ever known.

Target Gamer

Angry neighbour is definitely one of those games that are great for casual gamers. If you love laughter, smart puzzles and cartoons designed for several minutes’ entertainment during the day, then this game was developed specifically for you.


  • Satisfying Thrill: What can be more exciting than planning an ideal prank so as to outsmart an old badger?
  • Stress Relief: Enjoy yourself while acting silly and stop thinking about your everyday routine for some time.
  • Puzzle-Solving Fun: Train your mind by using commonplace things in strange ways leading to unexpected results.

Angry Neighbor Apk - modapkpr

Angry Neighbor Key Features

Gameplay Basics

At its core, Angry Neighbor falls under stealth genre where players have to solve puzzles. Here are key tasks set before the users:

  • Sneak and Observe: Be an expert in sneaking about, hiding and getting acquainted of what your neighbor does every day.
  • Plant Hilarious Traps: Be creative! Combine different things to create traps that will make your neighborhood man wonder how it happened.
  • Solve Puzzles: Find keys, use tools wisely, and solve puzzles for finding hidden paths or locked locations.


As you go through Angry Neighbor, the challenges become even harder! This is how a transition looks like:

  • Expanding Playground: Different rooms in the house come with various obstacles and opportunities for pranks.
  • Increasing Complexity: The puzzles become trickier, requiring creative thinking and careful observation.
  • A More Suspicious Foe: Your grumpy neighbor becomes more vigilant making stealth mode necessary in order not to get caught by him!


Angry Neighbor is set in a colorful world resembling cartoons. Funny animations and extreme reactions bring all those crazy pranks to life adding a lot of fun into this game.

Angry Neighbor Apk download

Tips For New Players

Actually, starting a stealth game like Angry Neighbor can be quite difficult but there is no reason to worry. Below are some suggestions which will help you succeed as a joker:

Start Small, Experiment Freely

First of all it is better to get used to basic mechanics instead of trying to create intricate jokes from scratch. Use simple tricks on less dangerous places around the building. Discovering both successful ideas and real fiascoes often makes up the excitement of this process!

Pay Attention to Routines

Try watching an angry old man’s behavior closely. What rooms does he leave? What routes does he take? Perfect timing lies behind the knowledge of these questions when you want to trick him or her out with any sort of joke.

Never Worry About Mistakes

Especially at first, getting caught is unavoidable! Embrace it as a learning experience. Next time try to figure out where you went wrong and seek another option.


Do not be afraid to go off the grid. Angry Neighbor rewards curiosity. You might stumble upon some hidden items, secret paths or ideal location for your next trap! If you loved the silly pranks in Angry Neighbor Apk, try out the wacky world of Roblox Mod APK for even more chaotic fun!


For a prankish escapade Angry Neighbor is the game that delivers loads of mischief in a bottle. With silly traps, cartoonish cuteness and puzzle elements, this computer game will make you chuckle while trying to outscheme an ill-tempered next-door neighbor.



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