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However, keeping track of freelancers’ billable hours can be even more demanding. If you have trouble with spreadsheets and calculating time in a hurry, then here’s the solution.

Introducing WorkingHours

Introducing Working Hours! It is a powerful yet straightforward time tracking app for those who want to organize their work life. Whether you are self-employed or an employee or someone simply looking to take better control of your day, WorkingHours is there for you.

WorkingHours Mod free

Why Time Tracking Matters

If well managed through proper time tracking it provides clarity and direction on how we use our time which is one of the most valuable resources we have. We will find out why we need to mind about it especially for such individuals as:


  • Proper Charging: No more underestimation of hours or struggling to explain your rates to clients. WorkingHours records every second which forms a solid basis upon which invoices are built.
  • Project Insights: You wonder what project actually brings money? Time tracking lets you know where your income lies so that you may make better business choices.
  • Income Analysis: Track how much money you make over time periods, see trends and set realistic financial goals.


  • Proof of Work Don’t let sweat go unrewarded: be sure that your boss knows everything about your commitment towards results achieved. This is where Working Hours comes in handy – having all contributions logged.
  • Spotting Bottlenecks: Are meetings or cumbersome processes eating up your productive hours? Keep tabs on where inefficiencies lie by doing some time-tracking thereby leading to improved workflows.
  • Work-Life Balance: Get an understanding of how many work-time minutes are slipping by unnoticed; this enables us set realistic boundaries and avoid burnout due to overworking ourselves at home or office.

Everyone Benefits

Time tracking has universally contributed toward these areas irrespective of particular job specifications:

  • Enhanced Productivity Wise usage of money comes hand in hand with awareness of time spending habits.
  • Improved Focus Sometimes, simply starting a timer on the working hours makes you feel responsible for whatever you do and reduces distractions as well.
  • A Sense of Accomplishment: See concrete evidence of your accomplishments – real motivation booster!

Key Features of WorkingHours – A User-Focused Approach

Simplicity and efficiency are two key attributes for any time-tracking application as your time is valuable. Let’s have a look at the features that make this app unique:

WorkingHours Mod App

Effortless Timekeeping

  • Intuitive Timers: Starting and stopping work sessions should be easy, and WorkingHours delivers. Touch to begin doing something, touch to end it – simple like that.
  • Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: Did you forget about timer? Never mind! You can always add some entries manually afterwards in order to make it full.

Organization Made Easy

  • Customizable Tags: Get an option of putting labels on every entry depending on the projects or clients they belong to. Marketing campaign”, “Client X”, “Admin Tasks” – you get complete independence here.)
  • Project Tracking: Track how much time is spent per project for easy oversight or analysis purposes.

Data-Driven Insights

  • Visual Reports: Generating clear charts and summaries, WorkingHours shows how your day was allocated. No more guesswork – just actionability.
  • Spot Patterns: For instance, discover which hour(s) you are most productive or when you earn most money or even find recurring multitaskings.

Accessible to All

  • Free and Functional: Get started with core functions of WorkingHours at no charge making it an affordable tool for managing time by everybody out there.
  • Beginner Friendly: The natural interface lets anyone use Working Hours without acquiring any computer science qualifications in order to maximize its potential as far as possible while carrying out time tracking activities with ease.

WorkingHours in Action: Example Scenarios

To truly understand the transformative potential of WorkingHours, let’s picture some common scenarios:

First Scenario: Lifeguard for a Freelancer.

  • The Problem: A freelancer web designer who takes on different clients has difficulty with accurately determining the time he/she spends on each project and confidently setting rates.
  • Solution: Each project has its own dedicated tag. Time logs, however, indicate that “Client A” is taking much more time than initially planned, and therefore a rate revision becomes necessary; and reports also show which design services are most profitable.
  • Outcome: Higher income, feeling less insecure about pricing and making knowledgeable choices regarding customers or types of work to focus on.

The Employee’s Productivity Ally

  • Challenge: This person is feeling that the marketing coordinator has been weighed down by the administrative work which does not give them enough time to engage with its core creative work.
  • WorkingHours Solution: They should follow up on the time spent on meetings, reports and miscellaneous works so that they would have a clear evidence to back up their request for a streamlining of procedures and assignment of low value duties.
  • Result: Time now available for important projects, greater job contentment, and quantifiable evidence of contribution during performance reviews.

Is WorkingHours Right for Me?

You must definitely be interested in what WorkingHours can offer by now. However, you need to realistically appraise if it fits your specific needs. Ask yourself:

  • Do I Have Trouble with Time Management? Sometimes you don’t seem to know where all those hours fly off or why – this is where WorkingHours can help provide some much needed insights.
  • Do I Appreciate Data? Are you one of those people who make decisions based more on hard numbers rather than gut feelings? Well, that is how WorkingHours can turn time into something trackable and analyzable.
  • Am I Prepared to Invest Some Effort? Although it’s user-friendly, making the most out of WorkingHours requires some setting up at first and sticking to start timers consistently.


A great freedom to explore, however, keeping track of these few hours billed? May feel like another full time job. If you are tired of dealing with spreadsheets and involving in time crunches, then it is high time you changed the style. The solutions may be there whether you are handling customer assignments, driving on the Uber platform using Uber – Driver: Drive & Deliver application or you just want to have a better control over your own time…and WorkingHours can be one of them.



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